Israel, Gaza and Libertarians

There are very few topics that attracts as much heated response as the Israeli Palestinian conflict and no matter how much you try keeping it civil or rational the discussion usually ends into sharing pictures of Palestinian kids being killed by the Israeli Armed Forces.

Problem is that this particular topic has become a sort of Political Cancer for almost everyone, the conservative Muslims, the moderate Muslims, the confused Muslims, Westerners who hate Israel, westerners who support Israel, and above all the true and genuine Libertarians. Perhaps the Libertarians find themselves in the most awkward position on this conflict because they see both sides doing equally wrong things and they would rather like to be upfront about the fact that this conflict is driven by crazy religious sentiments more than anything else but given the sensitivity and the kind of hype this matter creates it becomes extremely difficult to keep yourself in a balanced position.

There are some burning issues related to this conflict, such as:

1. Israeli Occupation: Yes, In a sense it can be called an Israeli occupation but there are multiple problems with this. Fact is that Palestine did not exist as a country itself, it was simply a British Colony just like any other colony. In terms of helping Israelis to settle there, that isn’t any different to helping British people settling down in Australia, New Zealand or other colonies. We hardly (ever) sit down and cry over how Britain created settlements in New Zealand and the poor Mauri people. We never consider Australia an illegally occupied country. Why is it so ? Is it just because Mauri or Aboriginals were not Arabs or they never accepted Islam as their religion ? Or is it because they didn’t have the population as big as Palestinians have.

2. Invasion: Muslims consider Jewish Migration to Israel and setting up their Government an Invasion. While it certainly can be defined as an Invasion, question is that do we oppose all invasions or is it just one exception that we feel we should call it an Invasion. How come we never jump up and down for Russian Invasion into Ukraine, how come we never have a problem with all those Islamic Invasions throughout the history from India to Spain ? Were those Invasions alright just because they were trying to spread Islam ?

3. Land Issue: When we say it’s a war of two religions, we get a counter argument that no its a Land Issue. The question arises that whose land is it really ? History tells us that it was Muslim Forces who captured Jerusalem back in 8th century and no Muslim ever lived there before that time. So when we say its Palestine and its Muslim Palestine why do are we so desperate to ignore the historical background of this land. Some Muslim friends even go the length of denying that Jews ever lived there, conveniently forgetting what Quran say about Bani Israel.

4. Self Defense: On the other hand, Israel considers its right to retaliate in self-defense whenever Terror organizations such as Hamas fire a missile or carry out an explosion in Israeli city. However, we can deny the fact that innocent civilians do die on both sides. How on earth genuine libertarians can justify the killings of innocent civilians whether Arabs or Jews ?

5. Holocaust: The WWII Holocaust undoubtedly left a long-term psychological effect on Jews all over the world. So much so that it may have made them accept anything in the name of Self Defense. They just forget that the way Innocent Palestinians are dying today, the same way Nazis were killing Jews during the early 20th century. How can you sit down and enjoy watching rockets being fired on civilians (even if there are Terrorists hiding in those areas) and not compared it to the Holocaust.

Pakistanis on the other hand have some special interest in this conflict. The same Pakistanis who fail to show any sympathy to the Minorities (Hazara, Shia, Ahmadi, Hindu etc) being brutally killed in Pakistan will ask you to change your Profile Picture on Facebook to show solidarity with Palestinians, as if the blood of Pakistani Minorities is not red enough.

I also fail to understand how we can’t compare the situation of Gaza with North Waziristan in Pakistan’s tribal areas. According to Pakistani Government there are some terrorists hiding in Waziristan region and its important to attack them without having to worry about Civilian casualties. The same thing happens in Gaza, Israeli Government says that there are terrorists hiding behind Civilians and its important to attack them and not having to worry about the civilian casualties as well the large number of locals who had to flee from their homes in order to save their lives. Perhaps the only difference is that Pakistani Government has blocked access for Reporters and Journalists which means we don’t get the correct figures on casualties.

I know its very hard to keep the emotions on side and look into this matter objectively and blame both sides for their actions but until we don’t do this, I don’t see anything improving in that region …

Islam, problem or solution ?

Is being ‘Moderate’ always the best thing ? Does it really hold the key to our problems and does maintaining the balance is always the right way to go ? The voice of Moderate Islam or Moderate Muslims as they like to call themselves is on the rise as more and more people who find them unable reconcile their sense of belonging to the faith they are born into with the Ground Realities around them. But how much their voice makes sense and how much it is actually helping to reduce Extremism in Muslim Societies ?

Moderate Islam

Moderate Islam

I just came across an article by Sana A Siddiqui “Islam: Problem or solution?” and it immediately reminded me some of the friends on Facebook that I’ve had regular conversations with. There are some common arguments that most of the Moderate Muslims are raising, I’ll try to answer each argument in detail and then we’ll look at the question asked by Sana in her Nation’s article.

1. Moderate Islam is caught between Extremist Islam and Liberal: This is their main complaint, they feel that their voice is not heard properly because the Extremist Islam gets much more attention than these Moderate Muslims are able to attract. These people also complain about the growing criticism of Liberals (and increasing Atheist community) on Islam where Islam is seen as the actually root problem rather than solution.

Liberal critiques of Islam are often labelled as “Liberal Fascists”, as if you’re raising voice against the Extremism and Hatred with the same intensity as the Extremism itself then you’re seen one of them. Its like if you hate the hatred you are hater yourself or you refuse to tolerate the intolerance you’re an intolerant person yourself. It doesn’t even matter how much rational or articulated you have tried to be while raising your voice, you’re still classified as a Left-wing Extremist as soon as you disagree with Islam being a remote possibility as a Solution

If you always have to reinterpret the scripture according to the new observations of modern times, isn’t it a failure of the scripture itself which came from a divine source as a Guide for you.

2. Lets focus on Good side of Islam: Moderate Muslims insist that we need to ignore or brush off the side of Islam that is anything but Peaceful, we should rather look at the good sides only. This is an argument full of Logical Fallacy, if you’ve to pick and choose Moral Lessons from the ideology that should have responsible to teach you Morality then you are already much more Moral than the Ideology itself. Question that these Moderate Muslims never ask themselves is that why these not-so-peaceful messages have been part of Islam for so long ?

3. Mullahs have distorted Islam: Playing a victim card is usually the fist form of Denial which is part of the Defense Mechanism. Believing that the ideology itself is fine but the Mullahs have been involved in the corruption clearly contradicts with the actual teaching of this particular ideology in the first instance. Islam claims to be the Final Religion by God that provides solution for each and every problem you may have had in life. Islam also claims that the previous messages / religions sent by God were manipulated by People and then God decided to send one last final message. Now, if Mullahs have managed to manipulate God’s one last final message to human-kind where do we go from here ? Secondly what guarantee we have that lets say 50 or 100 years from now, our next generations wouldn’t be debating on the same lines and blaming today’s Moderate Followers and / or Quranists screwed the whole message of Islam during early 21st century and the real Islam was in fact something else.

Islam claims that previous messages by God were manipulated by people. Now, if Mullahs have managed to manipulate God’s one last final message to human-kind where do we go from here ?

4. Reformation, not Rejection: For how many times really ? Since the 8th century or so we have had calls for Reformation in Islam. It was Mutazilla who called for Reformation, their voices were finally crushed in 12 century by a movement lead by Imam Ghazali and then in every age we have had calls for the Reformation in form or another. Ahmadiyya Sect is itself a product of this so-called Reformation call and today those same Ahmedis are considered Heretic by not only Conservative Muslims but also by these same Moderate Followers as well.

Point is that if are have to keep reconciling our faith with the challenges of current times and if you always have to reinterpret the scripture according to the new observations of modern times, isn’t it a failure of the scripture itself which came from a divine source as a Guide for you.

5. No more Hadith please: The growing dislike and frustration of Moderate Muslims with Ahadith is quite understandable and fits in quite well with the “The Great Muslim Apostasy” view I described in my previous post. Ahadith and Seerah books clearly depicts Islam and Prophet Muhammad as a person which was anything but Peaceful and anything but a wise man to look forward to as a role model (unless you go cherry picking the selective ahadith). With Quran however, its much easier to play around because of its language and style we can literally translate any verse as we like it.

Are you denying the Ahadith because they contradict with the view or model you have developed for Islam and Prophet Muhammad ?

Some Quranists believe that Islam Critics love to bring in the Ahadith because it makes Islam look really bad. I really doubt that is the case, problem is that Quranists simply fail to convince through their argument that why Ahadith cant be true or why it couldn’t have happened ? Are you denying the Ahadith because they contradict with the view or model you have developed for Islam and Prophet Muhammad in your mind or do you reject it because of the fact that these were orally transmitted years of Prophet Muhammad’s death ? If oral transmission if your problem then what makes Quran so divine in your view, wasn’t it orally transmitted, don’t you think there couldn’t have been a chance of mistake in that transmission ?

Where is the powerful movement that we should see coming from the Moderate Voices that should challenge, fight and then finally over-take the Extremist Elements in Muslim World ?

Besides the points I mentioned above, I would like to ask my Moderate Muslim friends as what exactly they are doing to help reduce the current wave of Extremism ? Where is the powerful movement that we should see coming from the Moderate Voices that should challenge, fight and then finally over-take the Extremist Elements in Muslim World ? Why do we see more and more youngsters drifting towards the Extremist Islam in Western countries than going towards the Moderate version of same ideology ? Why do you find it offensive when you see Islam Critics using Islamic History in order to make a point that Islam is a violent ideology but you are never seen as jumping up and down when the Islamist are using same history to make their point ?

In terms of the answer to Sana’s question regarding whether Islam is a problem or solution, I’ll let my readers decide what they think about it …

Solution for Taliban Issue

This post is going to make a lot of my left wing liberal friends unhappy, but does that mean its going to make the right wing conservative Muslims happy ? Probably not. So, who is this post going to make happy ? Very few in my opinion who have the patience to look at the bigger picture and focus on longer term solutions.

For years, I kept hearing various theories on Taliban. Some said they are CIA agents, some called them a conspiracy against Pakistan and some (in fact vast majority) denied their existence. After recent attacks on Karachi airport, the latest trend is to link Taliban with India. Every single gathering with Pakistani friends will give you new insights into what Taliban really could be.

But something that no one will be willing to recognise is the fact that it was none other than our own agencies who were behind the creation of Taliban ideology. I know that some of you will immediately think that it was actually US who used these Mujahideen against Soviet Union but again thats just one side of it. Every single war is fought by using allies in your favour and crushing those who appear to be on the other side of fence.

Truth is, Pakistan needed Taliban to maintain its strategical appearance in Afghanistan but with the change in geo-political situation after 9/11 and an Afghan Government that is not as friendly tonPakistan as it is to India the frustration of not only Pakistan grew too far but also of Taliban. For years, we made Taliban Taliban think that one day they will be able to implement Shariah style Islamic Government in not only Afghanistan but also Pakistan. And now suddenly, when you tell them that their version of Islam is not the correct version, I believe they have a right to ask that then which version of Islam is the right one and why ?

Problem isn’t with Taliban, they believe in what they believe in, the actual problem lies around the fact that the majority of Pakistani population lives with a confused ideology where they do like to assert that Islam is the religion of Peace and Islam is the perfect way of life but that same Islam when they are asked to implement in their own life they just wouldn’t like that idea. No moderate Muslim has ever been able to decide which version of Islam is really the perfect one for them and how come a perfect way of life comes in so many flavours that it literally makes it impossible to agree on one particular interpretation.

Look around and you will find that the most vocal opposition of Taliban ideology comes from none other than our Shia minority of Pakistan which is yet another hypocrisy. While there is no denying that Shia (along with other minorities) have suffered a lot at the hands of Taliban, the truth is that these same Shia will support the Shariah Implementation in Iran and will have no problem with Mullah ruling there but the similar Mullah ruling in Pakistan will not be acceptable to them.

So, let go back to the actual topic of what is the solution to this problem really ? More and more Liberals are now leaning towards a full blown Army operation in Taliban areas. But the question, we don’t want to ask ourselves is that if that is the longer term solution ? Will killing one generation of Taliban ideology make sure we wouldn’t see next generation of Taliban with even more aggression and the desire to fulfil the ultimate dream of implementing an ideal Islamic State.

Does that mean that Imran Khan’s solution of negotiating with Taliban has any worth consideration ? By bringing them to the negotiating table, you’re actually admitting that they are a significant political force in not only in Pakistan but also on the regional level ? Isn’t negotiation all about Win/Win scenario ? Do you expect the Taliban to come to the negotiating table without getting any favours in return ? So why is it that PTI’s die-hard supporters feel so offended when Pervez Rasheed calls Imran a strategical partner of Taliban ?

Personally, I don’t believe any of these two solutions are going to work on longer term basis. I agree with the premise that Imran wants Taliban to appear as a major political force and negotiations is just an Entry point to the larger political setup in which Taliban are part of the picture. But I also dont agree that by wiping out certain sections of these people will make the problem go away. The Taliban ideology thrives on the back of hypocrisy of moderate Islam, nothing is going to act as a longer term solution until you address the double standards …

Movie Review: Grace of Monaco

Having a deep interest in History and world politics makes you run into risk of ending up in a Cinema watching a movie where less than 10% seats are occupied and you’re the youngest in audience, or at least the only one who isn’t retired yet. Thats what happened to me when I went to watch Grace of Monaco this morning but the movie turned out to be an excellent production and the credit goes to Olivier Dahan … well, for most part of it really.

posterWhile the movie has already started attracting controversy as the Prince Albert and the other members of Royal Family members from Monaco refused to attend the Cannes Film Festival and accused film of historical inaccuracies and some of the critics have been unhappy with Nicole Kidman‘s acting, the best part for me was the Cinematography. Some of the camera work was simply stunning and the creation of 60′s environment was a phenomenal job.

The story basically revolves around the real life events related to the Prince Rainier‘s marriage with Grace Kelly, the marriage which is often remembered as the fairytale story of real life but the actual story then goes deep into the life of Grace after her marriage and when has had kids. It’s not historically inaccurate that Grace did consider going back to Hollywood and work for Hitchcock’s movie “Marnie“, what is also correct is that she didn’t learn French until the Monaco – French blockade Crisis but what was probably made a fiction story by Oliver was the assertion that Charles de Gaulle changed his mind only after Grace’s speech as he showed it in his film.

France had multiple reasons to stop the blockade and most of the reasons were related to International pressure rather than Grace’s speech but it can be argued that Grace was an influential figure in creating a massive support and sympathy for Monaco on world stage with her charismatic personality. The role of Prince Rainier’s sister was also a partial Fictitious work as its true that there was a sister (Princess Antoinette) of Prince who wanted to ensure her son became the next King of state and she did betrayed her brother but that incident took place much before the Monaco-French Blockade Crisis of 60s. The story of betrayal was incorrectly used in the movie perhaps because it made a good case for a spicy story.

However, overall I enjoyed the movie a lot as I have special interest in movies which use the Real Life stories such as we had Argo last year. If thats your passion too then I suggest you go and watch the movie, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Pakistan 2018 – A short novel

Pakistan 2018 is a short novel, a story based on the life of a couple who started their married life in Melbourne but ended up living separately as Ayesha couldn’t reconcile with her husband turning into an Atheist. However, Ayesha’s own views of Moderate Islam were being seriously challenged during fast changing conditions under Imran Khan’s Government who came into power since 2016 and started empowering Taliban and their version of Shariah in Pakistan.

Pakistan 2018

A short novel by Raheel Hassan

Please download the PDF copy of Short Novel and leave your feedback on word-press blog or on Facebook.

Please note that this short novel is based on a fictitious story and all characters are imaginary. Author takes no responsibility for resemblance to any living or dead person ….

Direct Link to the PDF Copy of Novel:


Can you stand up against injustice ?

One of the problems that Liberals face is the failure to understand their role in society, they sometimes assume that by just accepting popular terms such as human rights, women rights and so on they have done enough to become a humanist. We hardly sit back and critically look at our own actions to critically analyse where we are going wrong or what is more that we can do to help create a better society around us.

If you are unable to let go the following from your life you have a long way to reach the pure humanism and enlightenment:

1. Hanging on to power or the desire to grab a powerful position
2. Staying quite when you see abuse of power and authority
3. Bow down to authority regardless of whether or not you agree with it
4. Not having enough courage to call it wrong when you feel it is wrong
5. Not saying truth (whatever you perceive it) as it might upset some of the closed ones or family / members
6. Not having enough courage to challenge rules you don’t agree with
7. Not accepting other’s arguments because the argument came from a person you don’t like personally
8. When your personal Ego is bigger than principles (whatever you believe in)
9. Not reacting to evil until and unless you yourself have been the victim
10. When criticism hurts you more than the realisation how wrong you have been


Lets open those windows

Come with me my friend, let me open those doors for you,
come with me, let me show you what is outside,
could it be something you never knew,
or something you thought you should never see,
how would you know if you don’t explore

Closed Windows

Nothing grows here

Do you feel the fresh air ? Smell you never experienced before ?
That is flowers, lots of them. Butterflies ? Yes those too,
But they don’t grow here, inside these closed doors,
butterflies, they love it outside when you admire them, run after them,
they die when you keep them them here, behind closed doors

Nothing grows here my friend, nothing except our false wishes,
You’ll have to come out with me, you’ll have to open those windows,
You’ll have to let the fresh air in, you’ll have to come with me …

Let me open those doors for you ….

Are you a Humanist ?

Dont be a Sheep

Dont be a Sheep

One of the misunderstandings we develop is around being Humanist, we start taking it for granted and assume that just by supporting women rights, opposing religions and supporting rights for homosexuals, we have done enough to take ownership of Humanism.

In reality, it involves much more than that, its not only about treating others on the same level but also constantly evaluating your own position as if you’re able to stand up against the injustice without any particular bias. If you’re against Taliban’s killings of innocent people but you cant feel the same pain for an innocent person died because of the bombings carried out by US forces then its time for re-evaluating your own position if you really understand what humanism is.

If you cant stand up against injustice wherever you can, you havent understood the Humanism yet …

Same way if you let injustice happen in a group where you are a member and you decided to stay silent just because you don’t want to get into trouble , you’re a long way short on Humanism.

Humanism simply means to stand up for your own rights and for the rights of others, it was some crazy Humanists who stood up during 1st May’s protests more than 100 years ago which lead to a historical change in the world we live today.

If you would like to see a better tomorrow for your next generations, its time to stand up and abolish the chains of Authoritarian Hierarchies which is only possible by applying the same standards for others that you would like to see for yourself.

Dont be a sheep …

Who got rid of Bhutto ?

Zulfikar Alî Bhutto

Zulfikar Alî Bhutto

Perhaps Bhutto should be remembered as Pakistan’s dilemma, 35 years since he is gone and the world is still undecided and  confused as what to make of him ? Leader of the people (Quaid-e-Awam as some call him), Reformist, Symbol of Courage, Murderer, Arrogant, Traitor or as some claim “the reason for East Pakistan’s separation”. I don’t believe that this million dollar question can ever be settled down as what was Bhutto and who was working behind the scenes to get rid of Bhutto but there are few things which are popularly believed about him, some are right but may not be everything.

Bhutto’s Role in 71 war:

It really depends on who you talk to, Bhutto is often seen as the responsible for 71 war and the separation of East Pakistan and one of the famous statements you keep hearing in defense of this argument is that he once said “I’ll break the legs of those PPP members who dared to attend the inaugural session of the National Assembly if Shaikh Mujeeb is to be given the Government. However, there is actually more to it.

Dr. Mubashir Hassan was perhaps the most closest and trusted person in Bhutto’s team, some even argue that he was the master mind behind Bhutto’s rise to fame. A lesser known fact is that Dr Hassan traveled to Dhakka to meet Shaikh Mujib and his close circle to act as a deal broker. Dr Hassan managed to convince Mujib to meet Bhutto but. After Dr. Hassan achieved this task, Bhutto and Mujib agreed to run a coalition government for the sake of keeping Pakistan united. The deal was that Mujib would have become prime minister (given the fact that his Awami League had the majority in election results) and Bhutto would have succeeded Gen Yahya as president.

Bhutto a charismatic leader

Bhutto a charismatic leader

Yahya and other Generals were initially unaware of these secret talks, later they tried to reach a deal directly with Shaikh Mujib, the details of deal are unknown till this day. However for some reasons Pakistan Army’s talks with Sheikh Mujib failed and Yahya then postponed the opening session of the National Assembly and ordered an army action against Mujib. Some source claim that these talks were kept so secretive that even the most senior Generals from Pakistan Army didn’t know what was being proposed.

Nuclear Bomb:

The defeat in 71 war was not only a loss of a territory but it also had significant psychological effects as well. The whole nation including Army had reached to its lowest level of moral and everyone in Pakistan was shattered. We should also not forget the International consequences of the war, Cold War during those days was on its peak. Many people now assume that Bhutto perhaps began thinking about acquiring Nuclear Bomb after 71 war, however this is not true.

Bhutto’s interest in nuclear technology was said to be began during his college years in the United States when Bhutto attended the course of political science, discussing political impact of U.S.’s first nuclear test, Trinity, on Global politics. While at Berkeley, Bhutto witnessed the public panic when the Soviet Union first exploded the bomb, codename First Lightning in 1949, prompting the U.S. government to famously launch the research on Hydrogen bombs. However, in 1958 when long before as Minister for Fuel, Power, and National Resources, Bhutto played a key role in setting up of the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) administrative research bodies and institutes.

Bhutto believed that if Pakistan was to defend itself from the Indian Aggression it was important to find an answer for India’s preparation of acquiring Nuclear Technology. During his campaign for acquiring Bomb he wrote to several heads of state and one of his famous writing was:

Pakistan was exposed to a kind of “nuclear threat and blackmail” unparalleled elsewhere. If the world’s community failed to provide political insurance to Pakistan and other countries against the nuclear blackmail, these countries would be constraint to launch atomic bomb programs of their own! … Assurances provided by the United Nations were not “Enough!”…

Bhutto’s ambitions were clearly disliked by the United States and other Western Powers. Henry Kissinger once famously said “We will make an example of you if you didn’t stop your Nuclear Ambitions”. Many people use this particular statement to show that US and Western Powers had a great interest in getting rid of Bhutto as they saw him as a threat.

Bhutto being taken to Court

Bhutto being taken to Court

But, we conveniently forget the fact that it was General Zia-ul-Haq who continued to work on developing nuclear weapons after Bhutto’s death and the same Western Powers not only turned a blind eye but in many instances they helped Pakistan Army. It may be argued that by that time geopolitical realities had changed and West need Zia’s regime. Second point we often overlook is the fact that Pakistan was not the only country who was warned against developing Nuclear Technology, South Africa, Argentina and Australia were all in the same boat.

Islamo-Socialism Honeymoon:

Bhutto was a strong supporter of Socialist Ideology, he began drifting towards the Leftist Ideology during early years of his student life. There is not much evidence to suggest that whether he was also an equal supporter of Authoritarian-Socialism as most of his actions suggests that he favored the empowerment of people instead of establishment. In my opinion he should be best described as a Social-Democrat more than anything else.

But the problem was that Bhutto was fighting on several fronts at the same time. He was busy rebuilding a heartbroken nation, strengthening ties with China and Arab countries, over looking Nuclear development, and above all he was busy firefighting a cold war with Pakistan Army. Another lesser known fact is that Army had already started considering Bhutto a traitor and the sole reason for the defeat in 71 war. A small group in Pakistan Army was secretly working on a Coup to take-over his Government and On 30 March, some 59 military officers were arrested by army troops for allegedly plotting a coup against Bhutto.

Empowerment of people

Empowerment of people

All these pressures forced Bhutto to look for new Allies and also to make new friends. It was during this time he began negotiating with not only Extreme Leftists (Libertarian Leftists) but also the Religious Parties too. Bhutto successfully made a deal with staunch opponent Wali Khan while he reached out to people like Mufti Mahmood. He later on had to bow down to the pressures of Religious Parties and Saudi Arabia to introduce an amendment to 1973 constitution that declared Ahmedis as Non-Muslims.

Some argue that bowing down to Religious Parties was his biggest mistake but very few actually understand the kind of pressure he had during that time and specially from Saudi Arabia who was desperate to make sure no Ahmedi is able to use Pakistani Passport for traveling to the holy places of Islam. Bhutto had limited options but to make deals. Another problem was that he was being labelled by many as a Surkha (a term used for Communist) and some even claimed that Bhutto was not even a Muslim which forced him to even change his lifestyle and to be seen in Shalwar Kameez and attend Namaz (Islamic Prayers) Gatherings more than ever.

My thoughts:

Its hard to suggest who wanted to get rid of Bhutto, there are many players who must have had strong interest to get rid of him same as there were many who wanted him to survive such as Arab Friends (Libyan Prime Minister was in Islamabad for several days with a private plane to request for his exile but the request was turned down by General Zia). But one thing is quite clear that whatever Bhutto is seen as he isn’t seen as a Murderer at least. People today accuse him of several other things that even includes being responsible for the 71 war and the declaration of Ahmediya as non-Muslims but very few (if any) would believe that he had any role in the famous Kasuri Murder for which he was hanged to death.

I did not kill that man. My God is aware of it. I am big enough to admit if I had done it, that admission would have been less of an ordeal and humiliation than this barbarous trial which no self respecting man can endure. I am a Muslim. A Muslim’s fate is in the hands of God Almighty. I can face Him with a clear conscience and tell Him that I rebuilt His Islamic State of Pakistan from ashes into a respectable Nation. I am entirely at peace with my conscience in this black hole of Kot Lakhpat. I am not afraid of death. You have seen what fires I have passed through.

—Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, My Dearest Daughter: A letter from Death Cell.

Therefore, I will Assert

One of the problems we face when looking at things Philosophically is that there is nothing good or bad, nothing right or wrong, everything has a relative meaning and a subjective interpretation. This kind of discussion is often the home-ground to those who have a certain agenda on their mind “you don’t know it, hence my assertion become valid” or even better “nothing is right or wrong, there is no such thing as a solution ? Therefore my solution is the ultimate solution”. This whole game of asserting ideas is rather oxymoron as when you accept (even for the sake of argument) that there is no such thing as perfect or ideal solution then what makes your solution the right or perfect solution ?


While Facebook Debating is a great learning platform, it can be quite a challenging one too. You meet and talk to people of various sorts, some intelligent, some not, some following one ideology and some another. At times, it can even be frustrating too, it wouldn’t be often you will meet people who would have actually read / researched / known what they were talking about. Fact of the matter is that very few people know or even bother to know the facts but they all have an opinion. Having Opinion isn’t the problem itself, in fact everyone is entitled to have an opinion its the assumption that in the absence of Absolute Answers, my position becomes the Default Position that goes against the notion of this article.

Talk to Religious Defenders and they will ask you “Who made all this”, you reply with all your honesty saying “I dont know” and immediately they feel encouraged to tell you “Therefore its God” as if nothing else could have been possible. Second stage is even more painful when (depending on who you are talking to) they will start asserting “And his name is Allah whose direct word is Quran”. It isn’t rocket science to understand that its the inability to even think outside the box that has lead us to where we are today.

Talk to a Patriot and with all your honesty you share your opinion that going to the Vietnam War was purely wrong and US has had a modern day model of Imperialism and you suddenly get a reply “Therefore Pakistan was right all along and has never done anything wrong, it was all Jeudo-American conspiracy to frame Pakistan”. No, it doesn’t mean that, what it really means is that you’re suffering from Patriotism Syndrome and have lost the ability to independently and honestly analyze the situation. Just because I highlighted mistakes of India, America or Israel it doesn’t automatically prove Pakistan was innocent since the time it was born.

Denial is the next stage when the argument proceeds, your natural reaction during that debate will automatically include some of the mistake Pakistan has been making throughout the history and that will open the floodgate to the Denial. “Pakistan is a victim, Pakistan didn’t do any genocide in 71, Talibans are Atheists trying to malign Pakistan and Islam’s name, No Muslim can ever kill anyone” and so on …

Going to the neutral position and looking at things from an honest perspective without a Biased view is still an Alien idea to not only our societies but also in Western Societies as well, human race seems to have a long road to travel to before we are able to sit down on discussion tables and start looking for today’s solutions for today’s problems …