They are beautiful, arent they 🙂

But lets think about them, while they are beautiful and we want their company and like what Urdu poets say about women:

Wajood e zan say hay tasweer e kainat main rang

colours in life are because of the existence of woman

Question is, are they actually humans just the way we Men are ? or is it best to describe them rather just some kind of object to fill in color in life and give us the best possible entertainment (whenever we actually need it).

Its the Ramadan month of 2011 and there is a TV program on air these days on the topic of Women’s rights in Islam. The program is hosted by a famous Pakistani female TV Host “Khushbakht Shujat” on a TV Channel called Hum TV. The topic itself isnt new and this is what I’ve heard as far as I can recall my memory about it that the women were in absolute horrible condition before Islam and then after Prophet Mohammad introduced Islam, it was like a dream come true for women. However whats different this time with this particular TV Program is that they believe that the rights are right there in Islam and its rules / regulations but unfortunately they are not being practiced by the Muslims. The name of Program is “Aye Kaash hum amal karte”, in English it would be “Wish we were practically applying right things”.

Question is that is it actually a bad thing that we are not implementing the Islamic Teaching / Rules about Women or is it actually a good thing for not only women but the whole mankind in general ? think about the following issues:

1. The general acceptance in the Islamic societies nowadays is to have one wife only, I know that the Orthodox regions still marry two or more wives but at least in Urban areas its coming down to the modern interpretations of an ideal family which is a couple with perhaps 2, 3 or 4 children.

But question is that is this what Islam actually teaches us ? Not really, Quran encourages you to have two, three, or four wives (not wasting mine and your time on publishing the actual verses here, there will always be those who will disagree by presenting some kind of other way to interpret those verses but the fact remains that Quran does encourage you for having more than one wife). A lot of people (apolgists) have come up with answers such as:

  • The verse says (if you can justify then have more then one wife): yes it does say, question is who came first ? Chicken or Egg ??? how am I suppose to know in advance whether or not I’ll be able to do justice before I’ve actually had a chance to enjoy multiple wives ? And what happens when lets say after a couple of years of having multiple wives, I’m proved to be not able to do justice and all 5 people are not happy with the life ? Do I get a punishment ? even if I get a punishment, is that going to make my 4 wives happy ? what happens to the children I’ve had through those 4 wives (if I’m punished and lets say sent to jail because I wasnt able to do justice with multiple wives
  • I heard another justification from a Mullah saying that by permitting having 4 wives, Islam actually made sure that the Men do not commit Zinna (Adultery outside marriage): So we the beasts known as Men actually do not get satisfied with just one woman in our life ? we basically need a different woman lets say to have a different taste ? now the question is what about those men who even dont feel satisfied with 4 women ? Biddu Arabs (Middle Easterns) have got a good solution for this, they divorce the 1st wife when they need 5th woman in their life and this chain keeps going on. Do not blame me for spreading hatred against Arabs, just simply go to places like Saudia, UAE, Kuwait etc and see that yourself.
  • Question is that if multiple wives help men control his beast nature, how is having just one husband going to control the crazy sexual desires of a Woman ? or is it just not her nature to be a Sexist Beast ? or does she simply hate sex and this is the last thing on her mind ?
  • Has a muslim man ever bothered to just imagine the kind of painful experiences a woman may have gone through when she had to share her husband with another woman. And that too right in the same house (quite often, not necessarily though but still possible) and who knows in the same bed that she had been sleeping with her husband. Just imagine how would you feel if you’ve had to share your lovely wife with another man and you’re simply standing outside the closed room where all this is happening inside ? feels bad isnt it ? what makes that same painful feeling a sort of faith-based lovely feeling of sacrifice when it is applied on women instead ?

Lets now consider the following Hadith from Sahi Bukhari (a book considered by Muslims as one of the most authentic source for Hadith):

Bukhari Book 62 Number 121
Narrated Abu Huraira: The Prophet said, “If a man Invites his wife to sleep with him and she refuses to come to him, then the angels send their curses on her till morning.”

oh oh oh, please tell me its not a Sahi (valid / authentic) hadith, other wise we’ve a serious problem here my friends. Questions are:

  1. What about the woman not in mood tonight ? what if she had a bad day today and she just doesnt feel like having sex ?
  2. Why refusing to her husband (not only for this thing but for anything in general) is considered a bad thing ? didnt we give them rights in Islam or is it that refusing is not part of rights as such ?
  3. What angels have to do with all this ? dont they have a better job to do during nights ? and why angels hate women who has courage to say No ?
  4. How are those same angels going to respond to a situation where the woman wants to have sex tonight but the man is tired or not in mood or lets say tonight is the turn of another wife and not her ? are angels going to curse the man instead ?
  5. And please for God’s sack, dont tell me that by inviting into bed, this hadith did not mean sex.

My question is that if as the TV Program suggests that we’re not applying the correct islamic rules for women then shouldnt we be rather happy about it ?

I’ve deliberately not touched the other issues with women rights such as Inheritance, being a witness, wearing hijab and etc as I would like to discuss those issues in seperate posts at a later stage.


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