Why we love creating Hoax

Have you ever thought about creating Hoax and spread it as far as possible ? Or  lets rephrase the question … Why would you like to create a Hoax ?

I guess the answer is quite simple, you would only do that when you’re desperate to prove something that actually doesnt exist or at least you dont have an evidence to prove it.

During a recent debate on a forum I saw a heaps of comments claiming that how the evidences for historical stories written in Bible and Quran have been found by the researchers. I’m sure, you may have come across Noah’s Ark being found on Arart Mountains in Turkey. Some people literally swear on its existence and see it as a proof that Noah’s story was correctly told by Quran.

Here is a typical video with such claims You Tube – Noah Ark found exactly where Quran tells us

But what is the reality ? Have researchers actually found something ? Is it really a Boat that is found in the mountains of Ararat ?

Unfortunately NOT …May be this detailed documentary can help you understand what the truth is about Ararat … Please pay some special attention during 15:00 and 16:00

You Tube – NationalGeograpic Research on Noah Ark

So, the question remains that why do we love creating Hoax ? Is it related to the desperation ?


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