Pakistan, Imran Khan and culture of denial

OK, may be I’m wrong but it appears that my words offend Pakistanis (specially those who are educated settled overseas) very easily. Who should we blame for this ? My words or is it the culture of Denial ?

I was invited to a friend’s place in San Francisco today where there was a huge gathering of PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf – Imran Khan’s political party) spporters, the party that claims to be a revolutionary party of Pakistan and promising for a change in the country.

The points I raised during my 20 minutes speech were:

1. I’m not against Imran Khan and just like other politicians I want to give him a chance

2. However, I do not appreciate his childish claims of fixing everything in 90 days, if he really believes it then to me he is a Delusionist and if he is doing it emotionally activate the vulnerable Pakistanis then in my opinion its a  real cheap act and he should apologize for this

3. Pakistanis somehow have become a lazy nation and dont want to stand up for fixing their own created problems. They are waiting for messiah figure who will come and work with all honesty to fix their issues. How can one honest politician (or lets say a few good honest politicians) run a country where the 95% of population is corrupt and people as young as 10 years old are trying to rob you right from the time you land on International Airport there

4. What are the educated Pakistanis doing to raise this kind of awareness against corruption in Pakistan ?

These are legitimate and genuine questions but however as I said earlier Pakistanis seems to have this tendency of getting annoyed when they are questioned …


2 thoughts on “Pakistan, Imran Khan and culture of denial

  1. well I dont agree with Point 2: It is not delusion, in management, principle of achieving goals is to set huge targets. to achieve some thing big, we have to set huge targets , if Imran says he can fix problems in 90 days, it is just a target. if he can fix 30%-50% in 90 days, it will be huge gains. if he can do this 100% in one years it will be huge gain. point is to achieve big, set huge targets , and work honeslty to achieve maximum.

  2. It is well written and understood clearly that yes, it is not about the amount of days as where you fix a nation that has been led down by their leaders, as we speak till today. I sense what is most important that awareness and acceptance rises, of the facts that this is no longer acceptable. People must take the responsibility to focus on the solution by voting for change as sir Imran Khan has shown the world today, Ofcourse people who have been battered, assaulted,corrupted taken away the basics of human livelyhood needs help to regain back their strength, their selfworth in order to see things clearly. It is through those who are already aware, the task to help, set out to contribute to this change with integrety and genuine intent. I think people’s satisfaction, wellfare and happiness are archievable. Provide your fellow human beings, the new generation, the skills needed for the future. It is archievable and a national duty. Pakistan does not need more deserves the best in this world.

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