Lets hate the Critics

It was a Sunday morning and I was having my usual coffee with Dr. Sahab, its been a regular thing for us since last few months now. Dr. Sahab and I differ on many issues yet we have found a common ground of how to continue discussing issues that are important to our home-land, Pakistan.

I asked what do you think about Najam Sethi ? Answer was simple yet quite an honest opinion “I don’t think he is sincere to Pakistan, in fact he might be working for some external forces”

“And Hassan Nisar, I said. “Nopes, he seems to be a psycho person, he thinks he knows everthing” Dr. Sahab was quick to reply

I was reluctant to ask the last question because the third person I wanted to ask was even more trickier, but I couldn’t resist. “And … Prof. Hoodbhoy ?”

“Whats wrong with you ? can’t you see he is Anti Islam, now don’t tell me you like him and what he utters everywhere. He is the same person who was blaming Islam for the lack of Scientific achievements in our society” Dr. Sahab knew what he was saying

I was kinda speechless and was running out of clues how to handle it and how to tell him that it doesn’t matter what he thinks but I (as an individual person) still reserve right to like or dislike someone.

It was my turn and I had to say something. “So you’re saying that anyone who tries to criticize Pakistan should be condemned and disliked ?”

“How can you like or respect someone who doesn’t respect your core-beliefs ?” Dr. Sahab said

“Well … what if our conditions may be linked to those very core beliefs ?” Me

“May be but we can’t allow touching our roots.” Dr. Sahab.

We had finished coffee already and were getting late for the Tennis session and the conversation was over.


I’ve noticed it on several platforms lately, the educated people of our country are very sincere in their thinking and they do want to see Pakistan back on its feet once again and they are also very sincere in some of their efforts too. Some are running web sites and blogs, some who are associated with Media are playing their role, some are working with welfare organizations to help wherever they can … however, what we are missing is our core beliefs …

Core Beliefs such as Two Nation Theory, beliefs such as our Religious values, beliefs such as our historic heroes who happen to be Warriors and Fighters, beliefs such as securing our right to call Ahmedis a kafir but not listen to their ideology. We want all of this to remain alive with us but still we want our problems to be fixed.

We just don’t even want to think about the possibility that may be our core-beliefs are somewhat (if not entirely) responsible for our current condition. We’re a dreamer nation and just don’t want to give up on our dreams. We were told that you’re making the right decisions so just relax, but today when all our dreams are shattered terribly we still don’t want to wake up and say that its alright, everyone makes mistakes and so did we but lets move forward now.

Just like in the west, there is a paranoid culture and they have misused the term of word “Terrorist” and they like to use this term to down-play anyone who doesn’t agree with them, the same seems to be happening in our culture. You don’t like someone and his / her ideas, lets call him / her an Anti-Pakistan and Anti Islam and you will have good chances of getting rid of him / her. This is being used as a weapon.

We must not forget that when we start condemning the Critics, this is often the time when a nation or community is quite close to be collapsed and probably getting wiped out altogether …


Will we ever dare and allow our core-beliefs to be scrutinized ?


One thought on “Lets hate the Critics

  1. What concerns me is the common practice of the secular ones, more so in Pakistan, to dismiss the arguments of the religious ones by the use of derogatory terms such as “Mullahism”, There, they get as intolerant as everyone else. So, in my very personal opinion, our attitudes as a nation have more to do with our problems than things like religion and beliefs.

    BTW I loved your being unbiased in this post, when you pointed to the western misuse of the term “terrorist”.

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