Arabs and Indian Connection

Anyone who lived in Middle East would tell you the stories of an Indian connection to the Arabs. At least one of their wives would be a child bride who came from Hyderabad in India. Arabs make regular visits to Bangladesh and Hyderabad and buy (when I say Buy, I know what word I’m using and what exactly it means, if you don’t like that term, ignore it) a Child Bride from there.

They will basically stay in luxury 5 start hotels there and their local agents will go on a hunt for a child bride. The process isn’t complicated, they just find parents in slumps who have x number of daughters and just offer them money that would sound way too much to those parents but it literally means Peanuts to those Arabs.

They will then arrange a kinda inspection and choose a girl of their choice. Nikah will be arranged and the girl will travel with her Arab Hubby to Dubai, Doha, Muscat or Riyadh …

If you’ve grown up in Middle East and did your schooling there, you must have come across a lot of Arab Friends who speak Fluent Hindi and discuss the Bollywood movies with you. You ask them about their so-called Indian Connection and they will give you a simple answer “my mom is from Hyderabad, my friend … relax no rocket science here”

Then you will also learn that those half Arabs (well, Indian mom does make them Not 100% Arab I guess) dont enjoy that luxurious life as their other Full Arab brothers do, they would settle down for an Expensive Japanese Car instead of an eye-catching European Car and the same difference in terms of lifestyle will be quite visible when you compare their Indian Mom v/s. their Arab Moms …

This is a dilemma and this happens perhaps in every house back in ME.

Question is what makes them think its ok to take on a Child Bride by paying money to their parents ? Why did Islam fail to tell its followers that its not OK to marry a girl who hasn’t even finished enjoying her childhood yet ?

Or do you think Islam actually defines a reasonable age for Girls to marry but these Arabs are going against the teachings of Islam ?


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