Pakistani Shias and Selective Humanity

I’ve wanted to write this blog-post since a long time but lets blame it on the busy schedule. However, when I saw a link ( shared on Facebook by Ali Abbas Taj today, I realized this post was just inevitable now.

Shias are being targeted today in Pakistan, there is no room for a second thought or any doubt that its a ground reality. There are organized elements who are actively targeting Shias and in the recent incidents they have specifically targeted some of the important intellectual people from Shia Community. We can always argue that whether this attempt of killing Intellectuals was pre-planned or it just happened but whenever someone is killed, it doesnt really matter who was killed and whether or not there was planning in the background. A killing is wrong no matter who, when or how …

Target Killing of Minotities in Pakistan is nothing new. Christians, Hindus, Ahmedis and now Shias have suffered from this culture that is well supported by ‘Might is Right’ school of thought. Shia Killing isnt new either, it has a deep rooted history in Pakistan and the reaction of Shias isn’t new either. An eye for an eye … well, again a ground reality, wrong thing to do but an unfortunate reality.

You’ll often come across well educated, literate and well behaved Shia Friends on Social Media such as Facebook, Twitter and etc. These people are doing a great job to raise awareness about how wrong it is to kill Shias, in fact not just Shias but anyone from Minority …

but is it really a bad thing ?

If its really a bad thing to kill or persecute someone who is from a minority group then what makes these people go Lip Sealed when Iran persecutes their Minorities ? why these same people with all the wisdom just fail to condemn Ayatollah when he says Bahais are the followers of Satan and they have no place in Iran. Why these same guys are just not able to understand the pain and agony of the women who are stoned to death under Islamic Laws in Iran and quite often they are actually framed. Why these same educated people start looking for easy exits such as blaming on Fox News Conspiracy and so on whenever there is a criticism again Iran and the way the Islamic Government treats its Minorities there.

But I ask my Shia Friends, “Will you stand for the right thing and would they condemn Iran and Ayatollah when they kill Minorities there ?”

Selective Humanity is the reason why all these Minorities are being killed not only in Iran but Pakistan and other places too. We simply do not want to condemn our own community, our own interests and our own actions. We need others to support us during difficult times but we fail to even recognize the existence of any wrong doings in the society where we are in Majority. This is what I call Selective Humanity and this is the reason why the evil is so hard to be killed in these societies.

The article shared by Ali delivers a nice and clear message. Speak up and reject the Evil practices.

But I ask my Shia Friends, “Will you stand for the right thing and would they condemn Iran and Ayatollah when they kill Minorities there ?”


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