Do you need God ?

Can you live with or without God ?

There is no simple answer to that and there will be no answer that can be applicable on everyone. The answer will depend on who are we talking about.

The idea of God:

Having a God like figure somewhere up there is actually a very comforting and soothing idea. Its like an Insurance Policy, you keep paying premium in a hope that when things go wrong you’ve a Policy that will take care of you. How much that Policy actually helps you is again debatable but we’ll try to visit that question in a separate post.

As I said its a comforting idea that God is there to help us. Just pray to God before you start driving and it gives you a feeling of security. It makes you feel that your journey is going to be safe and sound now. Is this sense of security good or bad for you ? thats where the answer to the original question of “Do you need a God” is hidden …

The answer depends on what kind of person you are and whether that sense of security makes a your better driver on road ? Lets analyze both personality types:

I need God: If you’re a person that always needs assurances and you’ve always had a dependence on a God-Father like figure in your life to get going with anything big then most probably you’re better off having a belief in a God like figure.

I dont need God: There are people who are actually going to perform much better in life when they stop believing in a God-like figure. The idea that there is no such God (as religion tells us) up there and the mankind is here on this planet simply because we’ve have favorable conditions for life here, the whole idea itself leads to an ideology that people have to help themselves in this world.

So, if there is no God and praying to him / her / them isn’t going to make your journey safer then you must start acting like a grown up and not only behave yourself on road but also watch out for those crazy nuts who shouldn’t have been on road in the first place.

What about Accidents ?

What about them ? actually nothing because accidents have had happened and will keep happening regardless of the fact that you prayed before start driving or not.

When you believed in God and prayed to him and still had an accident, people will say ‘destiny had this in store for you’. On the flip side, you had no faith in God and you acted like a grown up but still had an accident (may or may not be your fault but that doesn’t matter, an accident is an accident), who are you going to blame this time ? perhaps the lack of rules on roads, Government, and people who are reckless on roads.

By blaming on system, you have a hope that with time things will keep improving. Better roads, better cars, latest technologies, debates on how to make better rules, more policing, more education and so on.

While praying to God, you again have a hope. God will listen to you, God will give your better technology, God will improve roads and infrastructure, God will fix everything and God will reduce the number of accidents on roads. Just keep praying.

Question is, should you believe in God or not ? in my opinion, it doesn’t matter as long as it makes you better person …


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