Blame it on Talibans

Pakistani Nation is a big fan of blaming Talibans for everything these days but question is, is it really their fault ?

These same so-called modern, liberal and well educated Pakistanis used to send forwarded emails to each other before 9/11. The emails that used to tell us that in fact Talibans could be the Group / Sect that Prophet Muhammad prophesied and gave hints that they will be wearing Black Turbans and they will spread the Islam throughout this world.

And even after 9/11, a lot of Left-Wing Pakistanis used to sympathize with Talibans just because they had to prove General Mushraff wrong and also because they hated USA and its war in Afghanistan.

It was only until recently, when this home-grown Monster became too big to fail, just got out of control and started killing people right here in Pakistan and then Pakistani TV Channels started spreading awareness about how Cruel Talibans are. They now depict Talibans with an Evil Force that is responsible for giving a bad name to Islam but question is who made Talibans in the first place ???

Who were the only three Countries who recognized Taliban Govt ?


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