Funeral of Moderate Pakistani Muslims

Its high time that we need to stop looking towards Moderate Pakistani Muslims as a kind of possible solution to end this Increasing Islamization in Pakistan that is actually the epicenter for many other neighbouring countries.

The harsh reality is that Educated Pakistanis are hypocrites and they have always had double standards. The best job they can do is to stay quite when they are supposed to stand up against the Jahalat and try doing something good for their country

Veena Malik is a known person because of her bold photo shoots and some other TV Appearances. She is considered Haram (impure) in Pakistani society and when recently a local TV Channel (funded by Express TV that is itself funded by Western Interests) announced she will host a Program during the holy month of Ramdan … it was way too much for Pakistanis to let it happen in the land of the pure.

I’ve no interest in Veena’s program and to me it wouldnt have made any positive change to the society, however the irony is that the same people who lead this opposition towards Veena’s possible appearance during Ramdan, they had absolutely no problem with Dr. Aamir Liaquat coming back on Geo TV. The person who was exposed badly right on Youtube and the person who uses Religion as a kind of Face Mask … these people had absolutely no issue with him coming back and start preaching them what Islam is and how they should live their lives according to the Islamic practices. But Veena was way too much to ignore, after all she is a woman and she exposes her body.

And who deserves the Oscar here ??? without any contest the award goes to the Educated Moderate Liberal Minded Pakistani Population. The same people who dont even have a courage to stand up and say that if you cant tolerate Veena on TV what makes you overlook Aamir Liaquat ???


One thought on “Funeral of Moderate Pakistani Muslims

  1. Good one. How about one on Maya Khan’s show where mohammed Aamir’s lookalike hindu converted to Islam…live on tv.

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