Quranists dilemma with Djinn

If you’re wondering what Quranist is then in simple terms these are the people who believe that Islam is based on just Quran and nothing else. They reject Hadith (sayings of Prophet) because of its absurdities and they also reject Sunnah (history of Prophet Muhammad).

Depending on the type of Quranist, they either reject all Hadith or some of them. If they reject Hadith selectively its basically based on the illogical teachings or the immoral lessons that can be derived from those Hadith. They will proudly propagate Good Hadiths but when it comes to the problematic ones, they raise question about authenticity. Being Quranist is a kind of safe heaven, you just reject Hadiths altogether and when it comes to the Problematic Verses in Quran then you’ve refuge in “Wrong Translation”, “Historical Context”, and “Different Interpretation”. This is something you just cant do with Hadith.

Obviously, most of the Quranists are relatively educated people and quite well settled in the professional life. These are the kind of people you cant imagine they will be believing in Superstitious stuff. Since most of the Islamic Superstition comes from Hadith, these people have an easy option to opt out.

However, Djinns is a problem … how do you define what Djinn is and where exactly are they ? I’ve often heard educated Muslims questioning the wisdom behind Djinns but then eventually they will all agree that Djinn must be a reality as Quran says so. The same dilemma applies to Quranists as well.

There are a lot of alternate interpretations that started from Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and then followed by people like Ghulam Ahmed Pervez. This interpretation tries to define Djinns as People (Humans) who came from a different place. But this interpretation too fails when Quran tells you Djinns were made from Smokless Fire and how they live in a kind of Parallel World.

Question is how come Humans have never had any interaction with Djinns so far, why all those stories related to Djinns are always made up stories and a result of Psychological Problems rather.

But you gotta believe in Djinns because Quran says so …


2 thoughts on “Quranists dilemma with Djinn

  1. I have taken a break from debating but your blog refreshes my memory of debating with muzzies.

    I am sure you know and you can update your post with this information that now Quranists are coming up with interpretation that Djinns and Angels are actually electricity ….

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