Respect Islam

An argument that is often used on Religious Debate forums is that Islam should be Respected. You usually hear this argument when you criticize Islam (for any reason). This demand is based on some ignorant ideas, lets go through some of them:


1. Respect is Earned and Not Demanded: Yes, never forget proverbs. It doesn’t matter how much we like or dislike this proverb, its a matter of fact that Respect comes naturally and through a long process. It just cant be Demanded.

2. Kafir: Every religion is based on an ideology that it has found the Truth which in other words means that the other religions are False or at least misguided. While, every religion believes to have found the truth, Islam takes things bit more seriously than others. The whole idea behind the word Kafir or Infidel is that others are not only misguided but also going to burn in hell. Apologists have come up with a lot of explanations for the Quranic Verses and Ahadith that are literally insulting Non-Muslims but if that explanation was helping then you wouldn’t have to demand for Respecting, would you ?

3. How to Criticize: All these Apologists completely fail to explain how and when Islam can be criticized. They generally have a divided opinion themselves about what Real Islam is but the moment a Critic tells them anything about Islam, it is out-rightly rejected by labeling it Islamophobia.

4. Unfair Advantage: One of the worst things about Religious Debates is that Believers tend to take an unfair advantage by demanding what a Critic can and cant say. How on earth are you going to be able to explain your point if you have to limit yourself to certain ways and phrases ?

So question is, how exactly Islam should be criticized ? what could be the guideline if there could be any ? And why Islam or any other Religion should be Respected by people who either believe in some other religion or they simply dont believe in any religion at all ?


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