That Tunisian Girl

This picture has gone viral on internet as a lot of people have shared it on Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks. What was disappointing was the fact that the same cycle of refutation started immediately from my Muslim Friends. A dear Muslims friend immediately shared his doubts about the Arabic to English Translation used in the picture and once that was sorted out he came up with number of other objections.


I’ve to confess that I did find one thing wrong with this particular picture. The caption on image says “that this girl was being made to wear Hijab”, but thats not true. What really happened that some Islamists were taking part in a rally in favor of Shariah Implementation in Tunisia and this girl climbed up on the car to tell them go away because Tunisia is never going to be Afghanistan. The picture was liked, admired, loved, appreciated and made Viral on Social Networking sites because of the courage that this girl was able to come in and tell these Islamists that she wouldn’t like to see her country turning into Afghanistan.

Point is that its her right to say what she thought was right to say. The same way, it was the right of those Islamists to rally in favor of Shariah Law. You’ve a right to agree or disagree with that girl but suggesting that she shouldn’t come in front and she cant criticize Islam or Shariah is something that cant be justified. On another forum, she has been labeled as a possible supporter of Ben Ali but again how is that going to make her appear wrong ? Its a simple matter of expressing her opinion, nothing less nothing more.

What Muslims find it bit difficult to understand is that because of Islam’s over-protective approach (where people don’t have much rights to say what they feel) is perhaps why images like these go Viral and are heavily appreciated. Nobody cares much when a woman tells a Christian Rally what she feels because telling anything to Christians isn’t much of an issue really. But telling Muslims in their face what you do or don’t like is a big problem and quite often results in a violent reaction.

The more Muslims start taking things easy and the more they let others share their opinion the less this world will get excited about Criticizing Islam …

I remember an interview of someone who was running a Provocative Web Site with heavy criticism on Islam, he was asked why are you doing this ? His reply was “Because we can. No seriously, we are doing this to tell Muslims that they cant shut up everyone. They must start learning how to live with criticism”

When are Muslims going to accept Criticism ?


5 thoughts on “That Tunisian Girl

  1. Sorry but I think your confused. Muslims have been silenced far more than secularists in this century. Its secularists who need to start accepting that muslims are allowed to support shariah law if they want

    • Thanks for the read Abu Fatimah,

      You’ve an interesting take on this but the ground realities are pointing fingers towards things the other way round.

      Violent reactions about Prophet’s Cartoons and YouTube movie such as Innocence of Muslims are typical examples.

    • I haven’t seen secularists making death threats for anything at all. There are numerous instances of Muslims making death threats because of writing or drawings. The more moderate Muslims, who would not make threats of their own, enjoy the benefit of the extremists’ threats.

      Molly Norris had to go into hiding because of credible threats of violence. I remember the years Rushdie had to live in hiding because of death threats.

      As far as Shariah law, if someone willingly takes those restrictions upon themselves, that’s OK. However, those same people want to force others (mainly women) to accept the unfairness of Shariah. In a secular democracy, there is no reason to make Shariah official in any way. A major whole point of secular law is that the same law applies to all.

    • while i realise you are protecting your religion now, if i voiced a view that muslims should be killed if they wear a hijab (this is not my view by the way just an example) you would react violently and quickly. but in islamic countries death sentences are given for much less offensive actions due to it offending you.
      just saying

  2. Abu, the problem with that is they want to practice shariah in the US and the people here don’t want it. Many aspects of it are illegal by our constitution. Islam wants to take over and force everyone to practice it. That is not what I call wanting freedom to practice, it’s called forcefully implementing it on unwilling subjects. In the US we have freedom of speech. You are free to say what you want about me. Well, I am free to say what I want about you also. The thing is, we are all armed and when things turn violent, we can defend ourselves. Just remember this.

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