What about burning Bible ?

I’ve often written about the Supremacist Ideology of Islam, while tracking the historical roots of where exactly this Supremacism comes from may open a floodgate of Fierce Debate, the ideology is very much visible in our daily life.


Dr. Mubarak Hadier has touched this rather sensitive topic in his Urdu Book “Tehezibi Nargisiyat”, the book received an applaud from the various social circles of not only Pakistani Society but also the Muslim Society in general. Obviously there was a huge criticism of his critical work by the people who are the defenders of this ideology but the biggest achievement of this book was to bring the evils of this ideology on forefront and speak about the unspeakable topic.

Joseph Colony Incident:

On 9th March, 2013 we yet again demonstrated to the world how we feel that other Religions, Communities, Believer, Non-Believers are basically less important than us, our people, our way of life, our emotions, our faith, our books, our scriptures, our Prophet and our everything. Here is a summary of what really happened:

Sawan Masih, a Christian sanitation worker in Lahore, Pakistan, and his Muslim friend, the local barber Shahid Imran met up for a peg of whisky and after a few rounds, became embroiled in a heated debate about religion.

The next morning, after evidence of alcohol had dissipated, the Muslim man walked over to the local police station to file a complaint against his Christian friend, accusing Sawan Masih of having insulted the Prophet Muhammad while under the influence of alcohol.


How dare you hurt my sentiments ?

Under Pakistan’s infamous Blasphemy Law (section 295-C of the Pakistan Penal Code), any citizen can file a complaint against another person, the punishment for which is a possible death sentence.

Eventually the news of the “insult to Prophet Muhammad” reaches to the local Mosque where after the Friday congregation, enraged Muslims marched into Joseph Colony, the Christian neighborhood, looking for the blasphemer. According to sources from the International Christian Concern, Masih’s 65-year old father was beaten and stones were thrown at their home. That night, police arrested Masih.

Proud of my Faith

Proud of my Faith

The incident claimed 200 plus houses burned, people getting displaced, left without roof but then there is more to it, the things that very few of us have thought or spoken about. The Insult, insult to their emotions, insult of being a representative of a minority community, insult of their Faith in a country or a place where they are surrounded by the people with a Supremacist Ideology.

Why is your Faith Superior to others ?

During this violent protest and Gunda Gardi, the angry mob was able to hurt a number of Religious Sentiments of not only Pakistani but the Devoted Christians worldwide, the burnt several copies of Bible, Cross and pictures of Jesus. The same Jesus that is considered as the most respected figure in the lineage of Prophets sent by Allah before Prophet Muhammad. While not a son of God in technical sense, Muslims still believe he was born without a father as a Miracle of God. Bibi Maryam (known as the Virgin Mary in Christianity) is the only woman mentioned with her name in Quran. So much respect for this Muslim Jesus and his Muslim Mother but no respect or consideration of the Faith for those who follow the same Prophet but with a bit of different ideology.

Its been a Week to this incident and I’ve had various discussions on Facebook and also with friends in daily life on this incident but no one seems to be angry or at least wondering about the fact that what gives Muslims a right to conveniently hurt other’s sentiments while protecting the respect for their own Prophet, Scripture(s) and Ideology. None of my Enlightened Muslim Friends is evidently upset about this particular fact. All educated Pakistani Muslims are upset over the fact that Minority Community in Pakistan had to go through this ordeal and the incident has brought a bad name to the Pakistan in International Media but when it comes to the fact that the Christian Bible was also Burnt, no one seems to be upset about it.

Question is simple, why is your Sentiment or Faith superior to others ? And if you (as an Individual) do not agree with this Supremacist Ideology what exactly have you done to criticize this way of thinking ?


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