To Imran or not to Imran

Whether Imran Khan wins or loses this time, he is undoubtedly the highlight of this election. The way, he mobilized his support, the way he convinced the educated (but not the liberal) section of society is an already excellent achievement. However what he hasn’t done or hasn’t been able to do so is to convince the Liberal section of Pakistani Society.

The highlight of this election

The highlight of this election

So who exactly has been supporting Imran and why ? lets see few examples:

1. Right Wing section: Imran has been blamed and he has never bothered to come clean about his (rather mysterious) support for the extreme Right Wing fundamentalist section of our society, obviously his love affair for Taliban is also discussed and debated heavily in the social circles but very few people have been able to understand the reasoning behind that affection. There are various theories about Imran’s recent rise to the mainstream politics, such as:

  • Imran is himself a clean-shaven Fundamentalist
  • He sees Right Wing interpretation of Islam as the solution to Pakistan’s problems
  • He is a puppet currently being installed by the Army who itself has become Talibanised in the recent years and decades and this is part of the longer term plans of establishment towards establishing a true Islamic Republic in Pakistan

Which theory is right and which one is exaggerated is obviously a matter of personal understanding and the way each of us look at things from our own perspective. None of the theory can either be confirmed or denied. However what can’t be denied is the fact that Imran has never bothered to issue statement which contains unconditional condemnation of Taliban’s activities on innocent civilians. His response will range from “lets talk to Talibans” to “this is a reaction of drones”

We now have less than 48 hours before Pakistanis will go to the polling stations and decide who will form the next Govt in Pakistan

Believe it or not but there are fractions of society who not only support Talibans but they kinda admire them as the True Version of Islam. For these people, Imran Khan makes an ideal leader as he might be able to act as the missing bridge between Talibans and Islamabad.

2. Moderate Muslims: This is perhaps the biggest source of Imran’s possible vote bank. These people are generally, hard-working middle (mostly upper) class people who are on the verge of getting nervous breakdown because of all the problems that Pakistan is going through. They consider Corruption as the top priority problem while the Power Crisis comes next for them. They are also concerned about the Economical problems of Pakistan and these people seriously believe that it’s either now or never which means if they couldn’t bring Imran to the Government this time there might be no next opportunity to save this country.

Imran has never bothered to issue statement which contains unconditional condemnation of Taliban’s activities on innocent civilians

In general, these people are sincere to the Country and their love and affection towards Imran is nothing but genuine. However, problem is that they people are happy to overlook a number of issues that skeptics are trying to show them such as:

  • Imran’s support for Talibans
  • Imran’s Rightist approach
  • Concerns of Minorities such as Ahmedis
  • Concerns of Shias of Pakistan
  • Concerns on Imran’s refusal to any crackdown on Militants
  • Imran’s unclear foreign policy

3. Usama Qayum(s): If you’re not aware of some of the famous characters on Facebook, chances are you wouldn’t understand who Usama Qayum is and whats his relation to this post. Usama is a typical young Pakistani boy who is anything but a Radical Muslim in his own personal life but he loves the Fundamental Islam to his death and he sincerely believes that implementation of Fundamental Islam (Real Islam as he calls it) will not only solve the problems of Pakistan but will also turn our nation into one of the greatest nations on earth. The personalities he admires is Salahuddin Ayubi, Mahmood Ghaznvi, Orya Maqbool Jaan and Zaid Hamid. Sorry, Sir Zaid Hamid as he refers to him as one of the brilliant minds Pakistan currently has.

Usama is encouraging people to vote for Imran so that eventually we can see Pakistan turning into Talibinstan. What would he do to his Jeans and T-Shirts is still unknown though. There are a lot of Usamas in Pakistan and they are eagerly looking forward to Imran’s Govt.

4. Overseas Pakistanis: The latest craze in the overseas Pakistani social circles is Imran Khan and his naya Pakistan. During a recent chat at a dinner party, I asked a person advocating this Naya (New) Pakistan that if he would like to go back and settle down in this naya Pakistan, his answer was conditional to the success rate of Imran and how much he actually fulfills his promises and how much business opportunities Imran will be able to create for Pakistanis like him.

PTI was able to collect 70,000 Dollars during the Pakistan Day function on 23rd March in Australia

PTI in Europe, North America, Middle East and Australia has been quite active and generating a lot of funds that go back to PTI in Pakistan. Here in Australia, they will encourage both husband and wife to become paid members of PTI which will cost them 20$ a month. A lot of people have also joined PTI in order to remain in touch with all the social events that PTI is arranging and they dont mind paying these 20$ a month. Pakistan Day functions held on 23rd March throughout the big cities of Australia, PTI was able to collect 70,000 Australian Dollars which roughly means 7 million Pakistani Rupees.

5. If not Imran then who: This is another category of people who see Imran as kind of the only person they havent tried before. They are highly disappointed with the performance of PPP and Sharif Brothers and they just want to see a new person on board.

Pakistan’s fate remains as unknown as Imran’s mysterious relationship with Taliban

Till this time, Imran is still in hospital and it looks quite impossible that he would be able to resume his election campaign from here now. Its Thursday night here in Australia and afternoon in Pakistan which means we now have less than 48 hours before Pakistanis will go to the polling stations and decide who will form the next Govt in Pakistan.

How many seats Imran will be able to secure, whether or not he will agree to a coalition with other parties after the results are announced and whether or not he will prove to be a real Tsunami is just anyone’s guess. But the fact remains that while he surely has come a long way from a written off Politician to the highlight of 2013’s Elections, his fate and country’s fate remains as unknown as Imran’s mysterious relationship with Taliban.


5 thoughts on “To Imran or not to Imran

  1. To be honest I haven’t read your full post yet (ONLY because I am running late for a meeting). I can’t stress this high enough that Imran Khan will be the leader who shows us the directions, but the hard work has to be done by awaam; the implementation. Jitna kuch bigar chukka hai us ko aik banda theek nai ker sakta. We need to correct ourselves first and work alongside him. Just like in any good organisation, the leader or the CEO gives you the vision and delegates the responsibilities, there is accountability at all levels. It will be WRONG altogether to pin all hopes on IK that one poor man can fix everything, this will be unjustified. We corrupted everything together with our own hands, we should fix it together with our own hands.

    I promise I will read your full post as I return to my laptop.


  2. That’s correct. Although I have been told several times by people on my Facebook that he issued a very strict statement against the LeJ. And they went on arguing that nobody would do that in their right mind so Imran has a lot of courage standing up against them.

    While I agree that something if this sort can mean two things, one he has the courage to stand up against LeJ or he has the LeJ in his pocket.

    What would you say to that?

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