To Change or not to Change

“Change is the only constant” they say, quite rightly so I guess. Look around you and there is change happening everywhere, in you, in your life, in your surroundings, in this world and in this universe. New stars are born while old ones die, new people like me and you are born everyday while others die, things come and go and thats the life has always been on this planet. While the Change is a reality, so does is the Human Desire to stop it, the desire to maintain the status quo, the belief that what I know or what I’ve learned from my traditions is the best way to deal with the issues of life, thats how the life should be and others should stop pushing for change.

Live by the rules ?

If you notice, this world is basically a Battleground between two forces, first is the force that is Pro-Change they would like to see things change, they believe its necessary for things to change to get better, they are also bit more realistic in terms of their acceptance that change will occur at any cost. But on the hand, there are Conservatives who sincerely believe that Traditions is the way to go, nothing should change, they often live in Nostalgia and you will often find them telling you how they and their ancestors have survived for so long simply because they decided to abide by the laws that are known to them, the moment you distract yourself from that “Right Path” … you’re doomed.

Its not that this Conservative force is a mere nuisance and the reason why things don’t improve around us. This Conservatism is exactly the kind of force that helps us to find the right balance between what should be changed, how much and how soon. This battle between Liberal and Conservative forces helps us to keep a check and balance on the Changes we are approving and making sure we don’t go overboard with our otherwise “Realistic” approach of adopting changes.

No matter how much you like or dislike change, that has to happen regardless of how attractive and glorious the past sounds to you. The solutions people applied in past to solve their problems may have been the best solutions available to the humankind during those times but its quite possible that the things have changed and so did our problems. It only sounds logical to look for new solutions to the new problems … move on in life and make a difference to the life on this planet …

What this Picture of Croods has to do with this topic is something you can only find out if you watch the movie 🙂


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