Anna Hazare vs Imran Khan

Typically, the social changes are brought by ordinary people for the ordinary people. Nelson Mandela was a prime example, public was facing an issue and needed somebody to take it further for them and convert into a movement. He did his job and the public did their job of showing their support and provide the sacrifices for the movement to flourish. This is the most simplest form of a successful social change we can find in history and Mandela wasn’t the only example, from Karl Marx to any other social reforms its more or less the same story. Common people, common problems and common solutions.

War against Corruption

War against Corruption

When Anna Hazare decided to take things to public and protest against the corruption in India, it was a no-brainer that common people were going to not only listen to him but to follow him too. Just like we use the term “Niche Market” or an Untapped Market in Business world, the same applies here. It was a movement waiting for someone to intiate it and move things forward.

Today, the “Aam Admi Party” translated as Common man’s Party has surprised everyone in the local Indian election results, they have not only thrown the political giant “Congress” out of the window but they also successfully managed to stop Right Wing Party BJP from getting a clear Majority which might have meant the mainstream politics in India shifting to the Right Wing Ideology. While Anna Hazare inst the Political head or any kind of Supreme Leader of this party, he is seen as the symbol that party uses to reach out to masses. The decisions are not taken by Hazare either and there are a number of people who would debate on issues and then take a stand that is supported by the majority of the Party People.

Similar vaccume exists in Pakistan too, a common person that stands up for the common issues of common people … a lot of people see Imran Khan filling that vaccume with his reputation of being an honest person, a proven team leader and using the issue of “Lack of Justice” in society to justify the existence of his party. He isnt wrong when he says that we need to improve the Justice System in society and the things will automatically improve in other parts of society as well. The same way that Aam Admi Party says in India, put an end to the corruption and things will fix themselves.

So what exactly is different between Aam Admi Party and Imran’s Tahreek-e-Insaaf ? Why the same Imran that was seen as the voice of Common man before elections has now turned into a just another politician in the eyes of many in Pakistan ?

Social Reforms ?

Social Reforms ?

I guess the real difference comes in when there is a tendency to use or manipulate the sentiments of common people to lure them into a particular solution. Imran, while still being loved and praised by his followers has failed to convince the Skeptics that he is actually sincere with solving the real issues that Pakistani society is facing at the moment. Skeptics now believe that even though he might be sincere to the country his hidden links with country’s Intelligence Agency ISI and his (or lets say ISI’s) soft corner for Militant Groups such as Talibans is just another dangerous game that the country might pay price for in future. People are also concerned for his hardliner approach where he sees himself as the central decision maker and hardly leaves a room for debate even within the Party.

Its not a rocket science to understand that Anti American Sentiments are the ticket to a Successful Election Victory at the moment in Pakistan but is that the solution as well ? Or is the solution actually hidden in a long term Social Change where Pakistan not only need to get independence from the American Influence but also from the influence of Army, ISI and Religious Manipulators. Why does same Imran Khan fail to see those as the problem that country is facing ?

Its quite an irony that even though the society is stuck with all sorts of problems, we are still not able to get the real Social Reformers to come out and start talking about the real issues such as Corruption, lack of education, putting an to support for militant Islamists and the Dying Economy of country.

I wonder why is it so hard to see Anna Hazare in Pakistan ?


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