Islamic U-turns

Its interesting how Religious Trends change and in some instances make a complete U-turn.

Now Islamic

Now Islamic

The way, Eid MiladunNabi is being celebrated now is a prime example of it. Not too long ago, Birthdays were seen as sort of unIslamic and a Biddah by many in our societies. Though some people have been putting lights on their houses on 12th Rabiulawal but it was seen as a kind of Christian act as they thought it’s somehow related to what they do on XMas.

Diya was always seen as a Hindu Custom and I still remember how we were told to avoid using Diya as it reminds the typical Hindu Rituals such as Diwali.

But here we are today in Pakistan trying to make the world record of maximum number of [Diyas] on the [Birthday] of Islam’s Prophet. After a few decades from today people wouldn’t even believe that there was a time when Muslims considered Birthdays and Diyas unIslamic ..


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