Fear of death and Religion

I’m up in the skies at the moment, flying somewhere above New South Wales and Victorian border in Australia. Flight seems to be as usual and quite comfy to be honest. I generally avoid window seat as I’ve long legs and aisle seats always work best for me but today the whole three seats were empty and I thought I would enjoy some of the lush green views of Victoria from the window.

Why fear death ?

But what about if this becomes my last flight ? What if I can’t even publish this article that I’m writing for you guys, and what if I just die without any trace, after all several people die everyday because of different reasons such as accidents, natural deaths, violence, disease and so on. This flight too can become one of those everyday’s accidents and you can be free from reading crap on this blog from now on 🙂

Is everyone supposed to be afraid of death ?

So, I started asking myself how would I react if I suddenly hear captain and crew screaming that we have just few more minutes to live ? I was hoping, my answer to myself will be that I will be frightened and really terrified, there is no way I shouldn’t be, everybody is and everybody has to be … Or is that so ?

I can’t see how you can’t see that this whole game behind beliefs is nothing but a product based on fear and specially the fear of death …

One of the strings attached with being a theist or a believer is that the fear of death becomes part of your everyday life, you are always living with this fear that when you will die, you will see some angels rushing to you trying to get hold of your soul and once you die the whole process of Question and Answers begins right from the grave. Muslims take things too far with all this death thingy, they say angel will ask them three questions which will also include whom you accepted as your prophet and if you were not a true believer in your life your tongue will not be able to say the name of Muhammad and right from there onwards your eternal punishment is almost guaranteed.

I can’t see how you can’t see that this whole game behind beliefs is nothing but a product based on fear and specially the fear of death, the worst fear of humans simply because first of all they can’t stop / skip death and secondly they cant explain what will happen after they die. There is a vacuum of knowledge here and religion simply exploits that vacuum to get what it needs … Your submission.

Back to what I felt, I felt nothing to be honest. Death will come one day one way or another and if it comes now I simply can’t stop it. I don’t believe in irrational stories about life after death and I have no evidence to support or endorse what will happen hence I can safely assume that nothing will happen and I will just switch off when I die. Will I miss my loved ones ? Of course not, how can I if I’ll just switch off ? The only hard feeling until I will switch off will be that my loved ones will miss me for a while …

Stop fearing death guys, its nothing but an irrational fear that keeps making newer and newer assertions and keeps creating new chains of belief system for you, live your life till you can.


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