Can you say No to Shariah ?

While Pakistan Government’s is holding talks with Taliban, the Media and general public of Pakistan (not only inside Pakistan but also the overseas Pakistanis) are busy discussing what could be the outcome of these talks. One issue that keeps coming back to discussion is the Taliban’s demand to implement Shariah in Pakistan.

Religious Blackmailing
While Taliban have officially provided a list of demands, their core focus is and has always been on the Shariah Law. This basically negates the theory of a lot of ordinary Pakistanis they held before these Talks that Taliban are in fact not Muslims and they are just a creation of foreign elements to destabilize Pakistan. I’ve long held my view that there are various types of Taliban groups and some may have had some connections with some foreign forces but real motive behind Taliban has always been Ideological. Implementation of Islamic Shariah Law is the core theme of that Ideological movement. It is also interesting to note that even though most of these Taliban groups have had different conflicts but their core ideology is always on the same page. They may have difference of opinion on who will have major authority or whose interpretation of Shariah Law will get priority but that doesn’t negate the theory that regardless of the conflicts they all want Shariah to be in full force.

There is a clear resistance from the Liberal or Semi-Liberal sections of society. Media for example is constantly asking for “Which Shariah you want to implement ?”. Ironically, people like Maulana Abdul Aziz have managed to shut them up with such a simple answer that “it will be the same Shariah as per the orders of Prophet Muhammad”. Nobody (unless you belong to a radically different sect of Islam such as Shia or Ahmedi etc) will be able to say NO to this demand. The core theme of Muslim belief is to believe that Prophet Muhammad was the best person ever walked on earth and his policies, his laws, his suggestions is what we should all adhere to. There is also a sort of Guilt that these so-called Moderate or Liberal Muslims live with in their everyday life where they do things they like doing but they will always have a kind of guilt inside them that they aren’t good Muslims and they aren’t doing what the sunnah of Prophet Muhammad demands them to do.

This whole game of emotional blackmailing has high chances of getting what it strives for. Masses will eventually have to give up to these arguments and as the Sunni school of thought holds the majority they will eventually come into terms of what kind of Shariah Laws should be implemented and how. Obviously, the minority forces such as Shia etc will oppose this but as they are already on decline their opinion hardly matters. Iran’s influence also doesn’t matter much because they have implemented their own version of Shariah there as per the understanding of Majority which is of course Shia Ideology. Sunnis and other minorities simply have to bow down and accept whatever the majority’s view is.

In my opinion, there is no solution to this as the Pakistani Society is miles away from getting closer to the Secularist Ideology where no particular sect’s beliefs holds authority and everyone is an equal citizen. Ordinary people of Pakistan can not say NO to the Shariah Law because saying no to anything that is associated with Prophet Muhammad is beyond even imaginations for them. These currently on-going talks may not be fruitful, there may be several talks in future but to me, its only a matter of time before we see Taliban’s dream coming into reality one day …


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