What ? No Judgment Day ?

Some of the topics are just super favourite for Theists which will keep coming back to almost any discussion you have with them. The concept of Judgement Day and the Reward / Punishment model is just one of many from the list. Usually, the discussion will start on the topic of God and if you say you’re not sure about whether or not God exists they will first give you a puzzled look and then ask you the same old question about Judgement Day …


Consider the following conversation:

  • Person A: Do you believe in God
  • Person B: Well … not as the Religion tells us
  • Person A: If there is no God then what about the Judgment Day
  • Person B: I think there is no Judgement Day either
  • Person A: Oh really ? Then you think all those criminals in this world are not going to be punished for what they have done here in this world
  • Person B: May be, quite possibly
  • Person A: What rubbish. Why would you then do good things if there is no reward for doing good ?
  • Person B: Good question and I understand your hypothesis but there is no evidence for such thing
  • Person A: Yes there is no evidence but it makes complete sense to have the institution of Judgement Day, all your good deeds should be rewarded in afterlife and people should be accountable for their wrong acts

Actually Person A makes a lot of sense here, this is exactly the way it should have been … in an ideal world I mean, with a God in fact a God that not only exists but also truly believes in Justice and the God who is not so big on Ego … you know what I mean.

When all these Theists insist on the necessity of Judgement Day as an institution in order to encourage people in this world for doing as much good stuff as possible and avoid engaging in Bad acts, they conveniently forget that the same Religion which installs this idea of Judgement Day in their mind is actually saying quite a contrary thing to what they really believe in.

In majority of the mainstream religions, the emphasis of being a good person is not on doing good things or living a decent life here on this planet but rather on who you worshipped as your God during your stay here on planet. Some religions such as Zoroastrianism puts a lot of focus on Good Deeds in fact their whole ideology is based around living a clean decent life but with a catch. In order to be rewarded properly you need to be born into a Zoroastrian Family and worship Ahura Mazda as your God, if you were unlucky enough not to be a born Zoroastrian try to be one next time, during this life at least you have been just an unlucky person. And then there is no way either to become a Zoroastrian, as I said try next time. Christianity isnt much different, although you can become a Christian but you got to accept Jesus as your lord before the ticket to heaven can be issued in your name.

Islam, while allows anyone to become a Muslim (in fact quite desperately want you to be a Muslim) suffers from the same psychologically neurotic egoistic God Character who clearly tells you in his direct word known as Quran that unless you belong to one of the People of Book and believe in Allah as your God (don’t ask me why would you worship Allah unless you become a Muslim but thats a different topic altogether) and then if you do good things in this world you need not to worry up there at the time of Judgement. Another verse clearly say that although you think doing good in this world will help you up there actually it wouldn’t because you did not accept Allah as your God.

The whole emphasis is on who you worship, doing good just comes later down the list. So if you don’t believe in a particular type of God or if you are a Pantheist (like Einstein or Stephan Hawkings) and believe that Nature is God, don’t be too excited when your Religious friends tell you how everything good you do in this world will be rewarded up there, it wouldn’t be …


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