Great Muslim Apostasy

The Great Apostasy is a term referred to the way Western Civilization has abandoned the Traditional Christianity and more so around the loss of power for Church in the matters of State and Legislation. The term does not suggest that the whole western world has become an Apostate or does not associate itself with Christianity but what it rather mean is that the original version of Traditional Christianity is not only forgotten but quite often is being rejected and in some instances heavily criticized as well as ridiculed by some.

Great Muslim Apostasy

I see a similar movement gaining momentum in Muslim Societies at the moment. I see that we are currently experiencing something that may be remembered as part of one of the most historical developments in human civilization, perhaps even more important than the Great Apostasy of West. I see that we’ll be sitting with our grand children and telling them how we saw and have had first hand experience to see Islam (the most rigid and conservative religion) to lose its ground in the response to the culture of growing Education, Rationality, Reasoning in Muslim Societies and how the Educated Muslims started to see the original and traditional version of Islam as a Pervert Ideology responsible for holding them back in this world. And while all this was happening, there was a group of Defenders who were trying hard to protect the Traditional and Conservative version of Islam in the same way that Conservative Christians did during a long period of Great Apostasy. This group even used Terrorism in the name of Jihad but nothing helped and eventually the Great Muslim Apostasy made its way … obviously through the help of external sources such as the Media and Digital Revolution.

This might sound like a dream to you but if you analyze bit closely, you will realize that the Traditional Islam is under a serious threat right now, not only from the external elements but in fact from within the Muslim Society itself and more-so-over by the Educated (Moderate as they like to call themselves) Muslims who have clearly started feeling embarrassed over the typical interpretations of Islam that has been the source of pride for Muslim Societies for generations and centuries. Everything from Child Brides to the killing of Apostates is being severally denied by Moderate Followers of Islam with a desperate desire to take control of the Interpretation of Islam as per the modern world and modern values instead of living in 7th, 11th or even 20th century.

The Rejection of Hadith is perhaps the most fundamental change occurring right now. The culture to deny Hadith or to put shadow of doubts over its authentication isn’t new and it has a deep-rooted history with some influential figures like Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Ghulam Pervez in Indo-Pak region however for long enough these people have not only been ridiculed by calling them Pervezis (followers of Pervez) but also persecuted in some cases. Declaring openly that Hadith are the source of shame for Islam has never been easier as it is in current times. Next stage is the reinterpretation of Quran, the direct word of God as Islam claims. Just a simple Google search will guide you to hundreds of resources where not only the Verses are interpreted differently but in fact Translated differently in order to make it sound more reasonable, more humane, and more compatible with today’s world. Ironically, the same way that these Moderate Muslims blame Mullahism for introducing the corruption in Islam, the same kind of blames were associated with Church for adding stuff from Solar Monism and Mithras to attract Pagans to Christianity. Today the Muslims are questioning the deep-rooted history of Islam that many feel is filled with the Pagan Culture itself.

The movement may be in its early stages and very hard to be noticed but there is a definite growing divide between the Traditionalists and moderate Followers and its clearly indicating that the Great Muslim Apostasy is most likely certain in coming years and decades.


6 thoughts on “Great Muslim Apostasy

  1. Surely anyone with an ounce of common sense has to question the belief in genies (jinn) and black magic (sihr), I mean come on, it sounds ridiculous just typing it. Witchcraft & genies…….for crying our loud!! So childish, so embarrassing, such an affront to ones own intelligence.
    Kids know Harry Potter & Aladdin aren’t real but grown ups are indoctrinated to belief their special witchcraft and genie tale is. Insulting to intelligence.

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  3. This gives hope. But is too late for some, who became victims of “Traditional Islam”. Still, there is so much to look forward to. Thank you for the lucid writing, it is so much easy to understand and believe this will happen.

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