Prophet’s Marriages

The most discussed subject on Religious forums is Prophet Muhammad and his life. Muslims claim that Prophet was the best person ever walked on earth hence he needs to be respected and followed while the Anti Islam group suggests things otherwise. This topic is the most debated one and always attracts a heated debate. What are the issues surrounding Prophet’s life and why the explanations provided by Muslims isn’t helping much ?

Believe it or not, this is the most discussed topic on forums, Muslims don’t seem to have a problem with Prophet having too many wives while the Non Muslims are just not able to digest it. Some of the most common explanations provided are:

He didn’t marry for sexual pleasure: Muslims claim that the marriages were not for sexual pleasure, how can a person who gave his youth to a wife 15 years older than him be sexually motivated for the other women in his life. There are several issues with this claim.

Age Issue: First of all, the story related to Bibi Khadija doesn’t pass the common sense test. Prophet had children as late as when he was 40 years old which makes Bibi Khadija at least 55 years of age. There are no historical evidences to suggest that the women in those days (with extremely poor health standards) were able to conceive and have children at such age, it doesn’t make much sense. My guess is that the story related to Bibi Khadija being older than Prophet sounds a doctored story and could have been made up much later by Muslim Historians.

Wealth: There are also clouds of doubt around the stories related to Bibi Khadija’s wealth and her business empire. Question is what happened to that Empire after her death ? We don’t get any historical references in Islamic History about the wealth she must have left behind her. In fact we do get accounts of extreme Poverty experienced by Prophet during the later years of his life.

Control Freak: It could also have been possible that Bibi Khadija was a powerful woman (provided that the stories related to her age and wealth are actually correct) and she was a controlling person. Prophet Muhammad could not have dared to even think about second marriage during her lifetime.

Not for Sex: There are multiple ahadith which clearly depicts the sexual desires of Prophet Muhammad, one particular hadith even talks about Prophet making rounds to all his wives on a single night. Some of the ahadith narrated by Bibi Ayesha are pretty sexual in orientation and contradicts with the claim that the Prophet had no sexual interest.

Providing Shelter: One more argument that is quite popular is that the Prophet married all these women to provide them shelter as they were War Survivors. This claim is also based on factually incorrect information, not all women were war survivors. And ironically, one wife who was indeed a war survivor was Bibi Safiya but then question is who made her a Widow ? Who was responsible for the killing of her father, whole family and her husband ? It was actually Muslim forces themselves who killed all her family on the same day and she becomes Prophet’s wife by the night.

The argument of Marriages for Political Alliance has a low standard of morality in it

Political Alliance: Quite often it is claimed that the marriage with Bibi Ayesha was necessary to strengthen political ties between two tribes. This argument has a low standard of morality in it, is it moral to use women for political purposes ? And that too as young as 9 years ? Secondly, a Sahih hadith itself suggest things otherwise as Prophet describes how he saw Bibi Ayesha in his dreams and he thought that its God’s wish that he should marry her. Political alliance argument is not supported by any hadith

Slaves and Concubines: It is also reported that besides multiple wives, Prophet also had four concubines. The most notable among those is Bibi Mariya al Qibtiya. It’s important to note that she was not a war survivor but rather sent as a Gift by King of Egypt in response to the invitation to Islam. She later became mother of Prophet’s son without marriage. The above mentioned argument about Prophet not having Sexual Desires is also refuted by the fact that he had Slaves and Concubines with whom he had sexual relationships.

Perhaps all Prophets in history had a darker side

King David’s 300 plus wives and concubines: Some Muslims also like to point out that King David (Prophet Daud in Arabic) had 300+ plus women in his lif. This is a fallacy argument, two wrongs don’t make a right and if there is anything this argument actually shows that perhaps all Prophets in history had some darker side attached to them and can not be judged as Moral according to today’s standards at least.

Some modern-day, educated, liberal, apologist Muslims have conveniently started to deny those Ahadith which are problematic in nature such as the ones mentioned above. This is a major development in the Muslim world as the ahadith and history that Muslims were proud of for centuries has become a source of embarrassment for many and can not be defended anymore now. Secondly, the Selected Rejection of Ahadith also leads to more problem as people take it as double standards followed by Muslims, why are they happy to accept popular historical references painting a nicer picture (such as calling him Ameen and Saadiq) of Prophet Muhammad but not the ones where his actions can not be justified by today’s standards ?


2 thoughts on “Prophet’s Marriages

  1. Excellently written and well researched piece!

    I would like to add here that Mohammed himself married his daughters off very young. His companions also followed his example in this regard. Mohammed, Umar and Ali were circular father-in-laws. They all were married multiple times. One has to think about the utilization of women by these folks, how much of an actual respect for life of women they actually had?

    • Sahih Bukhari stipulates that Mohammad married 30 with specifications/identifications and 9 concubines. Most contradictory is ,Egg or Chicken? Quran or Ramadan! If Ramadan is derived from Quraish Tribe, then quran followed later with five ayaats. There this Ramadan si NOT for fasting. Umar & his Committee devised the the 12 Lunar months, a form of idolatry as the Moon is a dead mass.

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