Therefore, I will Assert

One of the problems we face when looking at things Philosophically is that there is nothing good or bad, nothing right or wrong, everything has a relative meaning and a subjective interpretation. This kind of discussion is often the home-ground to those who have a certain agenda on their mind “you don’t know it, hence my assertion become valid” or even better “nothing is right or wrong, there is no such thing as a solution ? Therefore my solution is the ultimate solution”. This whole game of asserting ideas is rather oxymoron as when you accept (even for the sake of argument) that there is no such thing as perfect or ideal solution then what makes your solution the right or perfect solution ?


While Facebook Debating is a great learning platform, it can be quite a challenging one too. You meet and talk to people of various sorts, some intelligent, some not, some following one ideology and some another. At times, it can even be frustrating too, it wouldn’t be often you will meet people who would have actually read / researched / known what they were talking about. Fact of the matter is that very few people know or even bother to know the facts but they all have an opinion. Having Opinion isn’t the problem itself, in fact everyone is entitled to have an opinion its the assumption that in the absence of Absolute Answers, my position becomes the Default Position that goes against the notion of this article.

Talk to Religious Defenders and they will ask you “Who made all this”, you reply with all your honesty saying “I dont know” and immediately they feel encouraged to tell you “Therefore its God” as if nothing else could have been possible. Second stage is even more painful when (depending on who you are talking to) they will start asserting “And his name is Allah whose direct word is Quran”. It isn’t rocket science to understand that its the inability to even think outside the box that has lead us to where we are today.

Talk to a Patriot and with all your honesty you share your opinion that going to the Vietnam War was purely wrong and US has had a modern day model of Imperialism and you suddenly get a reply “Therefore Pakistan was right all along and has never done anything wrong, it was all Jeudo-American conspiracy to frame Pakistan”. No, it doesn’t mean that, what it really means is that you’re suffering from Patriotism Syndrome and have lost the ability to independently and honestly analyze the situation. Just because I highlighted mistakes of India, America or Israel it doesn’t automatically prove Pakistan was innocent since the time it was born.

Denial is the next stage when the argument proceeds, your natural reaction during that debate will automatically include some of the mistake Pakistan has been making throughout the history and that will open the floodgate to the Denial. “Pakistan is a victim, Pakistan didn’t do any genocide in 71, Talibans are Atheists trying to malign Pakistan and Islam’s name, No Muslim can ever kill anyone” and so on …

Going to the neutral position and looking at things from an honest perspective without a Biased view is still an Alien idea to not only our societies but also in Western Societies as well, human race seems to have a long road to travel to before we are able to sit down on discussion tables and start looking for today’s solutions for today’s problems …


One thought on “Therefore, I will Assert

  1. Where as I agree with lot you say, but I also find that you have imbibed the categories of Christianity that have become popular lot enow, and are considered normal and actual state of things. Tae the case of Women’s right or issue of rights. Who and where from are these rights coming. In todays dispensation these are given by the Governments and can be taken by Governments. Historically in the west, these rights were given and taken away by the Kings. But that does not address are these valid are just a theology that has been made popular by the popular dispensation, like the theology of Islam during th whey days of Islam. The individual rights issues flows from the Christian notion of absolute free will of Man (later extended in popular sphere to all humans only, no animals). That, this notion that there is such an absolute free will of man is clearly problematic and scientifically or otherwise un-sustainable. Christianity needs this, as otherwise God could not punish a person for the sins, if he did not have free will. But this has creeped in to modern popular dispensation as obvious truth. It is obvious to all of us that, where as human beings can have all sort of desires, he is a social animal. Individual needs society to provide protection, and institutions and mechanisms to grow &* society needs its component individual to be able to grow. But there has to be a balance between the too. Otherwise either Society will break up (as is happening in the west, where crime rates inspit of the massive information is rising ( within 200 years of wests domination economic stability has become a question mark). These two components are also having slightly opposite demands. Hence the question, what is the nature of the society, that will sustain individuals happiness and keeps the society stable. And absolute freewill which i steh basis of individual rights could be flawed.

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