Are you a Humanist ?

Dont be a Sheep

Dont be a Sheep

One of the misunderstandings we develop is around being Humanist, we start taking it for granted and assume that just by supporting women rights, opposing religions and supporting rights for homosexuals, we have done enough to take ownership of Humanism.

In reality, it involves much more than that, its not only about treating others on the same level but also constantly evaluating your own position as if you’re able to stand up against the injustice without any particular bias. If you’re against Taliban’s killings of innocent people but you cant feel the same pain for an innocent person died because of the bombings carried out by US forces then its time for re-evaluating your own position if you really understand what humanism is.

If you cant stand up against injustice wherever you can, you havent understood the Humanism yet …

Same way if you let injustice happen in a group where you are a member and you decided to stay silent just because you don’t want to get into trouble , you’re a long way short on Humanism.

Humanism simply means to stand up for your own rights and for the rights of others, it was some crazy Humanists who stood up during 1st May’s protests more than 100 years ago which lead to a historical change in the world we live today.

If you would like to see a better tomorrow for your next generations, its time to stand up and abolish the chains of Authoritarian Hierarchies which is only possible by applying the same standards for others that you would like to see for yourself.

Dont be a sheep …


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