Lets open those windows

Come with me my friend, let me open those doors for you,
come with me, let me show you what is outside,
could it be something you never knew,
or something you thought you should never see,
how would you know if you don’t explore

Closed Windows

Nothing grows here

Do you feel the fresh air ? Smell you never experienced before ?
That is flowers, lots of them. Butterflies ? Yes those too,
But they don’t grow here, inside these closed doors,
butterflies, they love it outside when you admire them, run after them,
they die when you keep them them here, behind closed doors

Nothing grows here my friend, nothing except our false wishes,
You’ll have to come out with me, you’ll have to open those windows,
You’ll have to let the fresh air in, you’ll have to come with me …

Let me open those doors for you ….


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