Can you stand up against injustice ?

One of the problems that Liberals face is the failure to understand their role in society, they sometimes assume that by just accepting popular terms such as human rights, women rights and so on they have done enough to become a humanist. We hardly sit back and critically look at our own actions to critically analyse where we are going wrong or what is more that we can do to help create a better society around us.

If you are unable to let go the following from your life you have a long way to reach the pure humanism and enlightenment:

1. Hanging on to power or the desire to grab a powerful position
2. Staying quite when you see abuse of power and authority
3. Bow down to authority regardless of whether or not you agree with it
4. Not having enough courage to call it wrong when you feel it is wrong
5. Not saying truth (whatever you perceive it) as it might upset some of the closed ones or family / members
6. Not having enough courage to challenge rules you don’t agree with
7. Not accepting other’s arguments because the argument came from a person you don’t like personally
8. When your personal Ego is bigger than principles (whatever you believe in)
9. Not reacting to evil until and unless you yourself have been the victim
10. When criticism hurts you more than the realisation how wrong you have been



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