Movie Review: Grace of Monaco

Having a deep interest in History and world politics makes you run into risk of ending up in a Cinema watching a movie where less than 10% seats are occupied and you’re the youngest in audience, or at least the only one who isn’t retired yet. Thats what happened to me when I went to watch Grace of Monaco this morning but the movie turned out to be an excellent production and the credit goes to Olivier Dahan … well, for most part of it really.

posterWhile the movie has already started attracting controversy as the Prince Albert and the other members of Royal Family members from Monaco refused to attend the Cannes Film Festival and accused film of historical inaccuracies and some of the critics have been unhappy with Nicole Kidman‘s acting, the best part for me was the Cinematography. Some of the camera work was simply stunning and the creation of 60’s environment was a phenomenal job.

The story basically revolves around the real life events related to the Prince Rainier‘s marriage with Grace Kelly, the marriage which is often remembered as the fairytale story of real life but the actual story then goes deep into the life of Grace after her marriage and when has had kids. It’s not historically inaccurate that Grace did consider going back to Hollywood and work for Hitchcock’s movie “Marnie“, what is also correct is that she didn’t learn French until the Monaco – French blockade Crisis but what was probably made a fiction story by Oliver was the assertion that Charles de Gaulle changed his mind only after Grace’s speech as he showed it in his film.

France had multiple reasons to stop the blockade and most of the reasons were related to International pressure rather than Grace’s speech but it can be argued that Grace was an influential figure in creating a massive support and sympathy for Monaco on world stage with her charismatic personality. The role of Prince Rainier’s sister was also a partial Fictitious work as its true that there was a sister (Princess Antoinette) of Prince who wanted to ensure her son became the next King of state and she did betrayed her brother but that incident took place much before the Monaco-French Blockade Crisis of 60s. The story of betrayal was incorrectly used in the movie perhaps because it made a good case for a spicy story.

However, overall I enjoyed the movie a lot as I have special interest in movies which use the Real Life stories such as we had Argo last year. If thats your passion too then I suggest you go and watch the movie, you wouldn’t be disappointed.


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