14th August Resolutions

Dear Pakistanis,

While its easier to get carried away with all the emotional stuff we see during our independence day celebrations, it takes courage to sit back and list down the things that we need to do in order to create a better place for our future generations to come.

10617375_294118764106210_1795607521_nI’m sure you’ll be able to add a lot to the following but trust me small baby steps will go a long way provided we do things with good intentions, here is the list:

  1. Stop making excuses and lets start taking responsibility for where we are today
  2. Put an end to Religious Extremism, no ifs and no buts, just a big No No
  3. Its we who do corruption, let stop blaming everyone else for it and begin the self realization process from ourselves first
  4. Women are half of our population, they are the back-bone of our future growth. Put a permanent end to the misogyny. When women grow in their career the whole nation grow two folds
  5. Lets stop discriminating our minorities, it should be none of our business to ask them who they are and what their beliefs are
  6. Lets put an end to the culture of showing off with the bigger houses and expensive cars, its time to rebuild the country not our personal ego
  7. Lets come up with a road map of where we are and where want to be
  8. Lets start building more hospitals and schools, there is nothing more important than to have a healthy and educated future generation
  9. Lets stop worrying about others and start focusing on our own house, let them sort out their matters themselves while we are sorting ours
  10. Lets start thinking form today, if not now … When ?

2 thoughts on “14th August Resolutions

  1. You are right with all your suggestions but do you not believe that we should dedicate at least one day out of the 365 to remember the countless blessings Pakistan has given us. I am not saying we should turn a blind eye to its many faults. They should be dealt with every day of the year but on 14th August we must acknowledge its traits. However I am a big supporter of raising our voices against oppression of our women so kudos to that point. Happy Independence day 🙂

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