Hello Western World – are you listening ?

I have no intention to be insensitive towards the Nice Attack in which dozens of people have died but then the question is if not now then when do you want to talk to us ? Us means the ExMuslims here who have a tremendous courage to stop apologising for their people and not buy into the typical political rhetoric of George Bush and his likes when they issue a zombie statement saying “Islam is the religion of peace”. We are the ones who were born into these Muslim societies, went through the childhood indoctrination and then had courage to sit down and apply our own critical thinking about the whole faith thing and say “enough is enough, we can’t remain defensive about this madness forever and if there is anything to blame its Islam and its teachings instead of blaming Muslims for not following the so-called religion of peace”.

May sound bitter but Islam is anything but peace

While you in the western world have remained quiet and ignorant about what Islam can do to the societies, we the ExMuslims have been busy on social media to raise awareness on how Islam is anything but Peace. We are a small minority and live in extremely dangerous places when we criticise Islam in front of Muslims and we are literally on our own without any support from outside.

The solution to this whole problem is right here, denouncing the faith, the scripture that actually entice people to hate anyone who is different to them. It has nothing to do with Muslims bringing the shame to the name of Islam, it is not an image problem, it is not stereotyping. Its rather the harsh reality, the bitter truth that sooner or rather you’ll all have to face, so the question is if not now when ???


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